Mechcables Ordering Guide: Get the Most Out of Your Design!


In this post I'll be discussing some of the lesser known tips and tricks for ordering the perfect custom cable.  I've been making cables for 7 years and fielded thousands of emails/questions about custom options, many of which are not explicitly laid out on the website.  Despite not being on the website, most of the custom requests are quite doable!  I hope this guide gives you ideas and a better look at some of the options.  Let's dive in!

#1 Colors!

Color matching is by far the most common inquiry I get.  We have tons of options for every part of the cable, but many people don't realize that we also have tons of colors that aren't on the website (mainly paracord and detachables).  If you request it - we might have it!  We also provide preview photos of paracord/techflex combinations before you order. 

#2 Cable Orientation

Almost all of the cables on the website show right 90/90 orientation, but you can request any orientation (right, left, right 90/90, left 90/90, and straight).  You can also request 90/90 or straight for TRRS cables.  Another commonly overlooked orientation detail relates to micro and mini-b connectors.  Since these are not reversible connectors you should specify if the wider side should be on the bottom or top.  Most keyboard ports have the wide side on the bottom (that's our defualt), but not all!  Make sure to check your port if you have a micro or mini-b keyboard so the cable sits the way you planned.

#3 Premade Cables

Pre-made cable designs help us keep track of popular themes and optimize production, but customization isn't available on the product page.  However, if you're looking at a pre-made and just need to make a slight tweak (e.g. colors, connector type, orientation, paracord color, detachable color, etc) chances are I can easily make it on the backend.  Shoot me an email and you can avoid having to go through the full custom builder.  It doesn't hurt to ask!

#4 Aviator threads, screws, and heatshrink accents

We can accommodate additional customization with aviator threads, screws, and heatshrink accents.  If you request customization for aviator male threads (black or silver), heatshrink accent, or aviator screws, there's a good chance we can do it!  You'll notice some of the pre-mades have these options:

  • Pharaoh: black screws in the aviator

  • JUMBO Joker: pink heatshrink accents on the aviator

  • JUMBO Blizzard: black aviator male threads (visible in the middle of the aviator), black aviator screws, and black heatshrink accents on the aviator


I'm wrapping up this post for today.  Bottom line is this - don't be afraid to ask!  Our email is  I hope to add to this list and write more posts in the future!  


Happy Cabling!

Sam & Joe