Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is Mechcables Located?

Mechcables originated in Maryland, USA and expanded to Fredericksburg Virginia in December 2020.  We specialize in made-to-order custom cables, which are hand-crafted by a dedicated team in our Virginia and Maryland shops.

Length Restrictions [CTRL / ALT / SHIFT / K-Type NOTE]

Due to the high power requirements of these keyboards, the absolute cable length (including coil) should be kept as short as possible.  For 550 cable (26/28AWG) it's recommended to cap the total cable run at ~9ft.  For all other keyboards, keep the total cable run under 13ft.

To resolve power issues:

  • Check the BIOS to see if your motherboard has options to increase USB port voltage
  • Use the keyboard/cable with a back panel USB port or a port that plugs directly into the motherboard
  • Use the keyboard/cable with a powered USB hub
  • Ensure that there aren't too many USB devices on a single interface.  Too many devices and they may end up fighting for power


Detachable connectors (aviator, SF12, YC8, etc) may not be compatible with custom cables from other vendors.  If you own a detachable cable from another vendor and want to use it with a Mechcable, confirm the pin-out of the detachable before ordering.  Once confirmed, specify the pin-out in the additional instructions.  Using incompatible detachable sides could potentially cause damage to your device.

USB C 5-pin connectors are necessary for designing USB C to USB C cables.  Detachable USB C 5-pin cables are only compatible with other detachable USB C 5-pin cables.

Coil Sizes

SIZE Inner Diameter (inches // mm)
Small 5/16" // 8mm
Medium 3/8" // 9.5mm
Large 7/16" // 11mm
The outer cable diameter varies depending on whether or not the cable has techflex.  Cable diameter with techflex is ~5.2mm and w/out techflex is ~4.2mm.  The diameter can vary slightly depending on the specific paracord spool.
coil sizes